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  • Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 17:35:55 -0400

dnsreports.com doesn't actually send a message to test the abuse@ address.
It only tests to see if a MAIL TO:<abuse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> is accepted
using an SMTP dialog that is never completed.

More than likely, you don't have one.  To verify further, open Outlook and
type on the To: line abuse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and click Check Names.  If it
turns into something other than what you typed, then you have located the
recipient for such mail.

If your Exchange server is identified as your MX server, you can make the
dnsreport.com test fail by configuring "Filter recipients who are not in the


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Running exchange 2003 sp2 on server 2003 sp1
I was running tests and was wondering about abuse email. Looks like by
RFC rule, you have to have an abuse@domain email address. When I do the
test using dnsreport.com, it tells me everything is ok and abuse email
is present on my side. But I can't locate the account and even doing a
search on AD based email contains abuse won't show a thing.

Any idea what is happening to this email? I sent one email to
abuse@domain and it didn't bounce back.


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