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It depends on how "lucky you are".  The "usual" update interval for
Domain controllers within the same site is 15 minutes. So if the
Recipient update service is running on Domain Controller B, and your new
user was added via Domain Controller A 1 minute after a replication
cycle completes then you could have to wait ~15 minutes. It also depends
on the schedule you have set on your recipient update service. By
default it should be set to Always Run.

Keep in mind that if you are dealing with multiple sites replication
intervals can be much longer, and usual are. If the new user accounts
are not Stamped (Jargon: Point at which the recipient update service
creates the proxy addresses based on Recipient Policies) within 30
minutes I would be concerned that the recipient update service was
having trouble. If this is an upgrade be sure that the permissions on
the active directory allow the Recipient Update service to Stamp the new
users. If this is happening check out:;en-us;317654



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> Your recipient update service is not running correctly -or- you are 
> not waiting long enough for it to run.  If you have multiple domain 
> controllers you may have to wait for the new account info to be 
> replicated to the server that is being used by the recipient update 
> service.

thanks!  that is a possibility that I am not waiting long enough.  How
long should I wait?  Are there any parameters that I can set or examine
that determine the duration I should wait for AD and/or recipient

best regards

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