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Hello all,

   Long question, but hopefully someone will have some pointers

Issue:  Currently our ASSC division has broken away from our ESSC division.
Our trust has been disolved from the ESSC org (therefore the X400 connection
can not update the GAL) and they have rebuilt their Exchange infrastructure.
The trust has been down for over 2 months.  The issue is the ASSC GAL shows
incorrect ESSC e-mail addresses and I need to have them removed.
Unfortunately, our exchange infrastructure was originally created in the
ESSC and permissions were not given to us (ASSC) to make any changes to
their container.  I do have all needed permissions to make changes on the
ASSC containers and configuration.

What I would like to accomplish is to remove the ESSC container all
together.  Would creating a test network mirroring the ESSC domain along
with an identical Exchange 5.5 server - and then pointing the X400
connection to this 'new' domain give me the ability to assign the ASSC
administrative rights to the ESSC container so that I could remove it from
our setup.  Afterwards I would break the X400 connection and import the
correct ESSC accounts as Custom Recipients from a CSV file that they can
send me.  

Any info and warnings would be great.


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