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  • From: Neil Doody <Neil.Doody@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 15:31:44 +0100

-------------------------------------------------------Hi, I am having some 
serious issues with our X400 link to Brussels,
basically after say a 24 hour period mails start to queue up and in the
event log we see lots of "Maximum amount of associations has been reached",
the mails continue to queue and queue until I restart the MTA and then the
queue which can be in excess of 2000 mails clears in a few minutes.

I have followed most of the MS papers on the internet for tweaking different
registry keys to do with threads and I have altered the limits on the X400
connector to tell exchange not to open another association until 400
messages are queued.  The strange thing is, I am lead to believe that
exchange only opens another association when the limit of messages are
queued for delivery, the default limit being 50 messages with a fixed
maximum of 10 associations, only our exchange box seems to be opening
multiple associations even with nothing queued?  Take for instance right now
I have perfmon running and there is nothing in the queue yet I have 6
outbound associations open?  Perhaps my understanding of the MS papers is
way off but I believe this figure should be closer to 0.

I have turned on maximum logging with a 500mb event size and there doesn't
appear to be anymore clues apart from about 3 or 4 different event id that
simply bang on about the maximum number of associations being reached.  It
seems to me that exchange is allocating associations but not releasing them
to be used again?

Any help would be much appreciated; I am running Exchange 5.5(SP4) on
windows 2000 Advanced Server(SP4) and is running in an active/passive

Many thanks
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