[ExchangeList] Re: Would an extra GC server help? - exchange 2003

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  • Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2008 11:19:48 -0000

Hi Patrick,


According to the mailing list at www.activedir.org (an awesome Active
Directory mailing list with both MVP's and Microsoft Directory Services
designers subscribed) the more GC's the better, particularly in a small
environment like yours (which sounds spookily like mine).


You wouldn't want to have remote DC's as GC's due to the amount of data
to be replicated, but when the DC's are directly connected (via LAN) it
makes it quicker for Exchange to resolve things.


As far as I know you don't need to do anything on the Exchange server.
Just promote the other DC to GC and Exchange will find out via AD


I would advise you do some searching for past questions regarding
multiple GC's on the activedir.org web site rather than take what I have
said for gospel but this is what I have heard several times I believe.





From: Patrick [mailto:london31uk@xxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: [ExchangeList] Re: Would an extra GC server help? - exchange


Ok, so should not have any adverse effect. How do I then point the new
GC to exchange ?



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Subject: [ExchangeList] Re: Would an extra GC server help? - exchange

AFAIK, redundant GCs are always a good idea.


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Subject: [ExchangeList] Would an extra GC server help? - exchange 2003


Hi guys,


I have just inherited a new site, and it looks like they are having
issues with thier main dc.


I recently installed exchange 2003 on windows 2003, but all of a sudden
exchange has started fall off, on closer inspection, it looks like the
DC is having some sort of network issue, affecting dns and GC.


Current environment


2 DC's

1 Exchange server. All windows 2003.


My question, would it help to make the second dc a Global Catalog
server? so as to maintain some sort of redundancy while we figure out
what to do with the Primary DC. Any issues to expect? or is there no








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