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  • From: Jeffrey Adzima <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 07:20:40 -0800

Is anyone out there working successfully with the "Workflow Designer for Exchange 2000 Server" I'm pretty sure I've got everything installed properly, checked and rechecked several times. I've setup the Workflow Account and setup the proper permissions, and I've created and setup a test folder in Public Folders. Couple of issues that I can't seem to get around: 1) how do I ensure that this folder is workflow-enabled? 2) How do I open the Web Storage System Explorer?, Where is that Console situated?. I've tried to start a new project in the Workflow Designer and I keep gettting the following message:

"The location specified is not a valid location in the Exchange Server Public Folder. To add workflow to the specified folder, either create the specified folder in the Public folder or obtain Owner permissions on the folder and verify that you are a member of the Can Author Workflow role on the Exchange Server where the folder is located. The new project and a folder location is entered in the form of a URL, for example http://myserver/public/myfolder.";

I've checked and double checked this folder and all the items indicated are indeed set.

I'm trying to run all this through a Terminal Server window directly on the server in question.

Thanks for any help/direction on this issue.


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