RE: Windows 2000 ADS -> Windows 2003 ADS (one DC h as Ex2k installed)

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I didn't see a reply to this yet, so:

You do not want to upgrade the DC to 2003 prior to upgrading Exchange to
2003.  That's because Exchange 2000 won't run on a Windows 2003 machine. The
appropriate steps are to upgrade Exchange first and then Windows.  See for more information on that process.

When you install Windows 2003 into a 2000 domain, you'll get *some*
functionality differences, but you'll be running in Windows 2000 Active
Directory functional mode until you upgrade all and flip the bit to tell it
to run at a higher functionality level.  You won't get much of the benefit
of a 2003 native Active Directory (2003 functionality level) until then.

Hope this helps.


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Hey all!

here is another case where this list can proof that it rocks ;-) 

this is given:

Windows 2000 Domain
2 x DC
on one of the DC´s Ex2k is installed

how i would do it:

install a new server (2003 standard) as a dotnet-member server in our domain
upgrade the 2 2k DC´s > Win2003 Server (standard)

question 1:

the DC with Ex2k installed....could there be any problem with Ex2k? will it
work after the update properly? any experiences?

question 2:

after i installed a 2003 server as a member server in our 2k-domain, what
will happen? will we have all the features from the 2003-ads in our domain?
or only when we administrate it from the 2003 DC ? will this member server
do anything with our 2 2K DC´s?


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