RE: Win32 ID no: c00708ad error

  • From: "KEN MORRIS" <KMORRIS@xxxxxxx>
  • To: "[ExchangeList]" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 16:09:05 -0500

 Hi Al,
I had everything closed, and was only trying to run the ADC only to upgrade
I am setting up a new E3K server on the network, and running set up on it
tells me that I have to upgrade the ADC on the other servers. As I have more
than one ADC server on the go right now, what are your thoughts on removing
the current ADC on one, installing the ADC for E3K and then doing the same on
the other ADC servers? Keep in mind, that this (not by choice) will have to
be done live............ uhm... not by or my choice. 

Did the results come back from the exdeploy and ALL applications were closed?
I'm fishing, but I'm curious why you'd get that particular error.

Yes this one is.  ?

Is this also a GC?  


Enterprise Admin, Exchange Full Admin, local machine admin, and domain admin
is what I'd expect for the permissions.  That said, did you successfully run
the previous steps before starting the install?  If so, what were the




It's happening on an AD/DNS Domain Controller, so no local admin on it. 


Is it a local admin on the machine?  (I would assume so with those privs, but
best to be sure).






Hi Al,

The account has the following rights:

Account Operators


Domain Admin

Domain Controllers

Domain Users

DNS Admin

DNS update Proxy

Enterprise Admin

Enterprise User

Exchange Admin

Exchange Domain Servers

Exchange Services


Mail Users

MTS Trusted Impersonator


RAS & IAS Services

Schema Admin

Server Operator.


That is all ;)

Is there anything that may need to be added?

What other rights does that account have that you are using?  


No we are in a single domain. The account is the Domain/exchange admin that I
am using.... 

Where to next?

Do you have multiple domains?  If so, where is the account located in respect
to the installation domain?


 Yes it is a "user name could not be found" error. It is occurring just as
the system is installing the services & modifying the registry. 


I have tried to find a record of it in the event viewer, and nothing was
created in the log file,  under security or applications. I have done a
search for c00708ad on MS support and there is nothing, I widened the search
to all of MS and still nothing. Went back to google and the same.

Any ideas on which service the ADC may be using during the re-installation?


Isn't that a "user name not found" error?

Have you considered trying the readme file and the site
vs. google?





I am just starting to get our system ready for adding in an E3K server, and
when I am trying to upgrade the ADC to the 2003 version, I am receiving the
following permission error:  Win32 ID no: c00708ad error  and the ADC
installation fails. I am logged on with an account that ahs full Domain, and
Exchange administration rights. I have done a google search and did not find


Can anyone suggest what else may need to be added to this account? Or what
else may be causing this error?



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