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Easiest: Linux boot disks 

There are Linux boot disks that have NT filesystem drivers and software that
will read the registry and rewrite the password hashes for any account
including the Administrators. It is as simple as: 

shutdown or turnoff the PC 
put the book disk in the PC and reboot 
respond to the Linux prompts
the highest barrier is understanding unix media descriptors 
select the account whose password hash needs to be rewritten & enter a new
reboot & access using the new password 
This process requires physical access to the console and an available floppy

The following site provides the downloadable boot disk image, image to disk
utility, source code, and supporting documentation: This version can disable syskey
protect. They do note that turning off syskey under Windows 2000 damages the
SAM and is not to be attempted except as a last resort to reinstallation.
Watch for updates. 

NT Toolbox ( has a different but similar Linux
boot disk in their download section. Look for NT Admin Boot Disk 

I have seen the Linux boot disks fail primarily on scsi-based boxes when the
boot disk did not have the proper scsi driver or when there was some problem
detected in the scsi setup. I have also seen PCs where the Linux boot disk
works but the SAM seems to be invisible to Linux (although its in its
standard location and later access with NTFSDOS( allows it to be copied). 

Hope this helps


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I am using Win XP Pro and I forgot my administrative
password and I cannot logon to my Win XP. what will I
do to recover my password or bypass the logon screen?

also may I ask if the same thing happen to me in a
win2k platform, what will the process be?

Help is very much appreciated.

Thank You

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