RE: Wierd Exchange problem with Global Catalog servers

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  • Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2006 22:15:18 -0500

There are very knowledgable SMS folks at
Exchange provides referrals to the servers it knows about. If you think
about it, it makes sense (in a warped non-intuitive kind of way) that
Exchange will give you a GC that it knows about.
This is a common issue in multi-domain environments. I tend to recommend
folks to go with a flat domain (if possible) or to put Exchange in a
resource forest, all by its lonesome. Third suggestion would be to run
Exchange out of the root domain.


From: Booker Washington [mailto:chipw@xxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: [exchangelist] Wierd Exchange problem with Global Catalog

First, I hate to spam the list before I ask my Exchange question, but
does anyone know of a good list like this for SMS 2003 questions:


While you chew on that, here is the Exchange question


I have a forest empty root( and I am a child domain of that
root(  My domain connects to the Exchange server in a
different domain via rpc over http.  The exchange server is called


When I try to allow other users to manage the membership of distribution
groups, they get a permission error.  I have found out that it is
because the clients in my domain are using the Global Catalog of the
Exchange server.  If I make a registry change to force a client to
choose the Closest GC, then that user is able to make the changes.  


My question is why would my clients in my domain, NOT choose my DC's as
the closest GC by default instead of looking at the Exchange Server in a
different domain  (is it because of the exchange over https connection)


And if so, by making that registry change, will this affect their
ability to manage groups if they go off site?






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