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I've been working in the message practice for over 10 years.  The only product that I've found to be worth anything is Ironport C-series.  It's an appliance that sits on the edge and handles all AV/SPAM filtering for you.  The last company I was consulting for had a Barracuda which wasn't do a good job and people were complaining left and right about SPAM coming through.  I even had two of their Sr. SE's look over our configuration to make sure we didn't do anything wrong setting it up.  Everything checked out fine but the SPAM was still coming in at an alarming rate.

So we dropped an Ironport into their environment and the SPAM disappeared and everyone was happy.  I would highly recommend the Ironport solution because for one you don't have spend everyday you walk in babysitting the product and even if you want to get really tricky with the product you have that level of granularity that will allow you to do so.  I've been running these appliances for a good while now, so if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

John Bowles

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Exchange 2007 has it’s own built in spam protection…but it’s about as lackluster as it comes and I’m looking into 3rd party apps.


I’m downloading Spam Titan as I’m typing this and thinking of giving it a try on a virtual server.


I also have a conference call with Messagelabs for hosted solution.


I want users to be self sufficient, IE if there is a questionable e-mail, I would like the user to get an e-mail to review it and delete/block it in the future.


Suggestions are welcome.




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