RE: Where to save e-mails: Public Folders or N etwork Shares ???

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This brings a good question to mind. My users are fairly well trained on
putting their emails into PST, and rules etc. Problem being, a lot of
fairly important emails end up in PST which isn't a problem for local
users, I put the PST on user shares, and it ends up part of our backup
cycle. The problem occurs with laptop users who work from home
"networkless" on weekends, and in the evenings, who need access to their
PST files offline, yah, I can move their PST back to their local PC, but
then I lose the capability to backup that PST, and lost PST's can
sometimes mean the end of the world for some of these people. Just kind
of want to see what everyone else does about this situation. I have
implemented the PST backup applet, but with users who have multiple
PST's in the GIG range, this can be a lengthy process, and fairly
bandwidth intensive.


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You're so right... (the problem was that they don't even want to leave 
e-mails in their .pst ...they want to drag & drop them in network 
shares, so they are listed in Windows Explorer right next to Word files,

Excel files, etc... Windows recognizes that you're dragging an e-mail 
from Outlook and it gives creates an .msg file it a yellow envelope 
icon... so my users say: see, I can just drag & drop into any network 


Thx Chris! 




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