RE: Where is path setting for pst stored?

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Is they new server called the sAME as the old one?

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Greetings all, 

We are on exchange 5.5, Outlook 2000.  I have installed a new 5.5 server
(faster hardware) and moved everyone's mailboxes to it.  I want to retire
the old server.

Most users also have .pst files, which we also keep on the exchange server.
I have copied them all to the new server and wish to change everyone's
outlook profile to point to the location on the new server.

There is only one entry in the registry which gives the location of the
file, and I can change it with a login script utility.  This works
correctly, as can be seen by going to outlook profile properties prior to
opening outlook - it lists \\newserver\pstshare\pstfile.  However, when the
user opens outlook, it reverts to the pst on the old server.  It is storing
the path to the pst file on the old server somewhere besides in the
registry.  Can anyone tell me where?


Bill Dewey
IT mgr
Preston Gates Ellis LLP
Portland, OR

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