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Title: RE: [ExchangeList] How to override size limits for one user

Hi John;


If you cannot gracefully get it removed; you can force remove it from adsiedit or through ESM by clicking the server and delete. It will not delete all references in your configuration partition; but you shouldn’t run into any future problems.


How to remove Exchange Server 2003 from your computer



Also make sure you have rehomed all your servers off this server.


How to remove the first Exchange Server 2003 computer from the administrative group






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I apologize, I know this question is a little off task.  Now that I have my replacement MS 2k3 server running Exchange 2k3, I need to remove and retire the old MS 2k3 server and Exchange 2k3.  The exchange on this machine is broken (won’t uninstall, won’t install) but regardless the machine needs to be removed from the Domain, from DNS, from ???


I would guess there is a list for Microsoft Server 2003 and I thought the list would know the best one(s).


Thanks all of you for your help!

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