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Thanks for these suggestions Mark. I'd recommend making numbers 4 and 5
numbers 1 and 2. The Microsoft Knowledge Base should be the first visit for
any problem as far as I'm concerned. To come to a list like this without
having done some homework and troubleshooting is lazy and rude, to my way of
thinking. If a person can't say, "I've tried this and this already, and
looked up the error code on the MS KB, but..." then they should be politely
told to look around before asking others to use  valuable time to do their
homework for them.

Don't get me wrong - I like helping people whenever possible, and often have
to ask for help myself. But I never do so unless I've exhausted my resources
(which, with the MS KB and Google, are vast).

Final comment: a lot of people are shoved into roles they're not prepared to
inhabit, such as an office manager being told they have to administer a
complex mail system like Exchange (believe me, I've seen this a lot). To
simply shoot someone down because they don't appear to know what they're
doing is wrong. Rants help nobody. A quick message with "Check out:"; will get the message across.

Greg Lara

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Well, as a follow-up to my last post, John Oligario made a great suggestion,
posting something that would help newcomers with posting questions.

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