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One thing you might look into, it may or may not be related. I used to
send mail out to a unix smarthost. Every once in a while week or 2
weeks, the queue would start to fill up and stop sending. The only way
would be to restart smtp or re-create the connector then mail would flow
out again. After opening a case with MS, he had me configure registry
entry to supress state changes
outing/93366a5b-cab0-4e4e-8f8f-66282c3dafd7.mspx which stops sending
link state updates to the unix box. After this change it stops occuring.
According to MS since these link state updates are propriety and sending
them to the unix box was causing some issues. It may or may not apply to
you. I would see if Barracuda has anything to say first.  

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On 1/9/06, Rich Gallo <RGallo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> This has been a problem on my Exchange 2003 server and I am not sure 
> where to turn.  We have a Barracuda box set up as our Inbound/Outbound

> Gateway/Relay for email.  For some reason, every now and again, the 
> Outbound Connection to my Barracuda box on Exchange gets blocked up 
> and stops sending the mail through.  The queue builds up until I 
> notice it and the only way to push the mail through is to restart the 
> SMTP service on Exchange and it all goes.  Any ideas on how I should 
> troubleshoot this problem???  Thanks again all!!

Besides contacting Barracuda support and/or performing a network sniff
to see if there are timeouts or network errors, I would check the error
log on the Barracuda and Exchange server.  What is the status of these
queued items?


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