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OK, WMI is the process that most windows management tools and components
utilise under 2000 as a form of communication. Normally you will see the
memory utilisation for winmgmt rise past a particular point which causes
the fault

My suggestion is that you change the following:

"Low Threshold On Client Objects (B)"="30000000"
"High Threshold On Client Objects (B)"="60000000"
"Low Threshold On Events (B)"="3000000"
"High Threshold On Events (B)"="6000000" 

This won't stop the issues but will reduce the number of times you
receive it. It should now only be seen when you get a large hit from a
number of applications at the same time on WMI. Message tracking is one
of the applications that has quite a large impact on WMI especially when
the logs are quite large. 

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Hi All,

I was wondering if any of you have seen any WMI errors of any type due
to any hotfix patching on your exchange 2k servers? My BackupExec job
stalls on the WMI database on my exchange server for about the last
month now, veritas tech support is just going around in circles... Could
be related to RPC and/or DCOM objects I think - it is a fairly stock
machine with just exchange on it, full SPs and most hotfixes, not
exposed externally.

Jamie Byrnes
Systems Admin
Giants Reef Mining Ltd
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