RE: WMF patch released by Microsoft today

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Of course.  There are many ways to spin that information.  The figures
aren't really inaccurate.  It's in the presentation and interpretation.

22 Out of Orifice replies is a new record for me.  Thanks guys!

Willy Matuku
Nhuong.pham hong
Nev Clarke
Ben Hung
Mark Doran
Deison Souza
John McCallum
Tom Flanagan
Glenn Dona
Steve Iltis
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Ian Fitzgerald
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Chris Adams
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Gregg Maynard

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On 06/01/06, William Lefkovics <william@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> He's fully aware that
> Linux/Unix Vulnerabilities Outnumber Windows' 3 To 1
> 758012
> 16
> Of course the reboot requirement, though improved in recent versions, 
> still remains a pain.

That number is a little inaccurate, as the number of issues for
Linux+Unix are bound to be multiplied by the number of distributions
(lots) who include the various faulty packages as oposed to the number of
Windows versions (less). I'm not saying that the alternative operating
systems are fault-free, but inaccurate figures don't help anyone :( <- for the
opposition's view.


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