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  • From: "John Tolmachoff \(Lists\)" <johnlist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 12:09:25 -0700

> It is very much possible there are compatibility issues. The problem
> with Veritas is, they never admit if it is compatibility issues with the
> specific OS. We have had real bad experience with Veritas support with
> both NetBackup and BackupExec. We don't use any agents for SQL, Oracle
> or Exchange anymore. We use NTBackup for all Microsoft application level
> backups, and use Veritas only for tape backups, just simple file level
> backups of NtBackup images. It works fine, and we save lots of money in
> support as well. My advise is, stay away from Veritas Exchange agents,
> and use only NTBackup and do disk to disk backups. You can very easily
> VBscript the NTbackup jobs, and schedule them. The disk storage is very
> cheap, and disk to disk backups are becoming more of a standard now for
> applications such as Exchange.

That is actually what I recommend and implement for clients. Use NTBackup
for all actul jobs, and BackupExec for the tapes.

John T
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