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Exchange agents is the best option to backup Exchange databases and log
files. The Exchange agents automatically backup all transaction log
files, and they temporarily create patch files to even backup the
overlapping log files during the backup procedure. Also, Exchange agents
will automatically purge the transaction log files after the full backup
is complete. You do not need a separate open file agent to backup
Exchange related data files. If you want backup other open files, such
as system files, Exchange agents cannot do that.

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I hope this does not sound like a dumb question but I have been looking
at the Exchange website and am not able to find the answer I am looking
for so I hope you will all know.

I backup our Exchange 2000 server with Veritas - we do have the Exchange
Agent but what option is the best to use for open files - I understand
that the Exchange logs are always changing so the files are open - but
do you put a lock on them? I don't think I want it to skip the open
files - 

If you can help- I would sure appreciate the answer here! 
Thanks in advance - I am learning all the time. 

Vicki Knutsen 
Information Systems Administrator 
Northwest District LCMS - 
1-888-693-5267 ext 129 

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