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My boss believes that while people are at home, they have a greater
chance of taking documents (such as CAD drawings, for example) than if
they are at work. The problem with that, is I could have one of my
friends walk in, take the WHOLE COMPUTER and leave without anyone
knowing until it's too late.

In QNX, everyone has access to everyone's drive completely. IE: If I
mount everyone's hard drive, I could 'rm -rf /' and EVERYONE's hard
drive would being to recursifly delete all files.

The other flip side is security, they believe that if someone gets
someone's pasword people can take out files. Sadly, if someone already
has a password that means they know someone. If someone really was
corrupt, then we would already be screwed.

I, personally, believe that they do not trust their exployee's.
Many of the employee's are disappointed in this.
Currently my boss's excuse to not VPN for everyone (Except for
themselves of course!) is that "it would take too much work to do
Which isn't true... Could be done in mere seconds.

As much as I don't like Microsoft for some of their products, this is
one of the few that they did a great job on. (Or so I believe... This,
as always, is just an ancient old argument of Windows vs Linux which
there is no "real" way to win it. Everyone's needs and desires are
different... Thus I stray away from this now)

We currently have 43+ people with machines...
We have a bean-counter general manager who has to know everything and
believes that he is "smart" enough to make an informed decision (he has
to know everything that happens) . Sadly, the IT market is not his area
of expertice. So he/they are scared.
Anyone else been in my position of mis-understood management? (I'm sure
many are... But I'm unsure of the bean-counter type mgmt.)


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> I've been using ISA for a couple of years and think it's 
> great, am surprised at its low profile in the industry. Am 
> curious about your statement "....paranoid about runaway 
> documents", could you please elaborate.
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We use Microsoft ISA. Been using it for almost a year. (although our
buisness is now paranoid about runaway documents) the times I've used
it, it rocked.

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