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Hi Emanual, 

I had a feeling you were also Portuguese by your last name. I was born in San 
Miguel, Azores but my parents migrated in 1966 when I was two to the United 

What your asking for can be done, however it is no easy task, Cisco Call 
Manager system has a product called AVVID UNITY which does almost the same 
thing, any voice mail uses the exchange data store to store voice mail 
messages. However this took Cisco thousands of hours to develop. You'll need to 
be a Microsoft  Partner in their Developer Network to get them to assist you 
which such an undertaking.

A simpler solution that may work for you would be to just use the url for 
outlook web access ( Once the mailbox is opened ) and add that to the vb app 
data store. This way when they click on the link with in your app it opens the 
mailbox with the emails.

You'll need to of course have the correct mailbox permissions defined and be 
running Exchange 2000 OWA or 2003 OWA would be even a better choice.

Well it's just an idea,

Jose :-)


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Hi Jose,

Love your Surname, I was borne in Madeira Island!!!

Anyway I have a VB front end that we have developed ourselves over the last
5 years its a lending workflow management system. It has the capability of
sending emails with attachments and much more. What it cant do is receive

One of the limitations is that when we receive emails from clients the
emails are sent to specific lending officers which means that if some other
lending officer looks at the customer record set all they see in the DB is
the emails sent. 

I would like to interface exchange so that when an email is received from
eg. John Smith it automatically is attached to John Smith's record set (that
is if the email address received is the same as the email address of John

Emanuel de Sousa
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From: Medeiros, Jose [mailto:jmedeiros@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Hello E, 

I am not sure if I really understand your question, however I am assuming
your using a helpdesk or support tracking application written in VB? If so
what is the name of the application? I have installed Clarify Front Office (
Now a Nortel company )also written in Visual Basic and it would do just that
and it could use SMTP to connect to any mail server for sending email
notifications when a support ticket has been opened, closed or updated, or
it could be configured to use Mapi for an Exchange server ( Exchange
supports SMTP just as well ). 

Now if your trying to send SQL alerts to Exchange, SQL has the limitation of
only using Mapi and does not give you an option to configure it to use a
SMTP only based server ( Sendmail, Postfix, Qmail etc.. ).

Jose :-)

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Subject: [exchangelist] Using SQL to access Exchange emails


could someone point me in the right direction, or even develop it for me
and I will pay for it. (if the price is agreeable).

I have a customer SQL DB with a VB front end. From the front end we are
able to send emails but are forced to use exchange to receive emails. The
problem is if one of the customer service reps are out we can only view
notes and emails sent from VB front end.

I dont understand how to connect SQL server2k to exchange, if an email was
received from jsmith@xxxxxxxx and the custmer had that email register in
their recordset, it would be great if It was registered in the customer
recordset hence when we opened jsmith we could see the emails received
double click it and access the email.

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