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EXmerge extracts a copy of the mails into a database file buy default
unless you choose the archiving option; it will empty the mailbox then.

For your second question: are you using any of the GFI products on that
exchange server?


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Dear All,

First of all, happy new year for every one here in the list.

i have 2 questions here i want to discuss it with you, & i would like to

know your reply.

every one know how to use the exmerge utility, and its fuctionality.

as i understood, it used to extract all the data from the mail box on
exchange server and put it in the PST file.

now, i had a user called jackson, his mailbox was size of 50 MB.

i run this toll on my exchange server and extract it to him and all of
his e-
mails becomes on PST file.

now, every thing from his mailbox was completely getout from the server 
database and become in the PST file . is that correct ?

2- when i open the ESM, and under the fisrt storage group & then under 
mailbox store & then under mailbox, i found that the size of this user
his mailbox STILL  50 MB ????????????

can i know why is still that ? and is that correct when i am extracting
database from the mailbox, it should become 0 ? is taht correct or
wronge ?

and do you think i am in the correctway ????


second questions, i have here one of my user he is under the domain and
has a user name & password & e-mail for that domain, 

when this user try to send an e-mail to any one inside our organization,
other user receive the e-mail but with this things on the subject :-

"[SPAM (Non-existent user)] - your contavt - Local recipient does not

can i know why ??

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