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I have just gone through the exact items you have mentioned below.

First, I personally would never, ever put Exchange on a Domain Controller.
These are two different/separate functions and if one goes down, you could
take everything else down with it.

Our AD DC's authenticate, run DHCP an DNS and perform the AD/Global Catalog

Our Exchange Server is actually the big power-horse running and moving email
constantly all day. I never wanted to integrate or mix the two.

We are backing up Exchange with an actual tape drive built into the Exchange
Server hardware. These mailboxes are critical, so I want a local tape drive for

Now, before I have backed up across the wire with no issues, so the call is 
We have tape backups for the other servers and the one attached to the Exchange
Server is ONLY for Exchange backups.

We, also configure a 'mirror' for the operating system with 2 large drives and 
'data' drive is Raid 5. Good planning on your end.

Let me know if this helped at all.


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   I am currently building and Exchange 2000 server and Windows 2000 Active 
Directory network.  We have on site an external consultant, and his 
recommendations are that we make our Exchange server box as a Domain 
Controller. His reasoning for this is that the Microsoft connector to Active 
directory is not good, and with the power of computers in today's world, the 
additional load should not be a problem.

   In addition, he recommends Disk mirroring for the system partition (drive 
"C"), and RAID 5 for the data (Drive "D"). I was under the impression that this 
would be a good idea if you have two controller cards, unnecessary with one 

   Our server specs are as follows:

Dell PowerEdge 2500 933 with 1 Gig RAM
6 x 18 gig hot swappable removable hard drives
2 drives for mirroring
4 for data RAID 5

   Our consultant also recommends placing the backup on a separate machine (not 
the exchange server) and backing up the store through the wire. Our information 
store is currently 15 gigabytes. I think it would be better to have the backup 
on the Exchange server.

Anyone have any comments or thoughts on the above three items?

Please let me know.



Mark Budman

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