RE: User locked up several times Windows NT

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You can check is if that account is running some service as 'this account'.
If so, its using the old password and trying to connect and locking the user
Also you should check Event Viewer from your PDC. There you will find which
workstation tried to log on using that account, and solve the problem. You
might have to enable audit logon and logoff failure (If it's not been
already enabled).

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Hi All,

          Iam having a nagging problem with one of my windows NT users.WE
are using nt 4.0 .We generally restrict our users to change their password
for every 15 days and not to use previous 4 passwords while changing the
password.Even if they try to login in to any machine with wrong  password
for  more than three times He or She will be locked until the Admin unlocks

           But one of our users is being locked out very often with out
crossing any of the above set limits.Every day I 'll have to unlock him at
the server.I really can't understand what the problem is .I guess something
wrong at the workstation it self but I can not decide what exactly it is.

Any Ideas please...

Satish garimalla 


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