[ExchangeList] Re: User does not exist!

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  • Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 12:04:19 -0500

I'm thinking BES has something to do with this. Although I cannot locate
the user, this server is the only server has mailboxes with 250 open
messages via the BES service account. My question is doesn't BES release
the messages after it scans these BES user's mailboxes? If not this
would surely degrade performance having many BES users. 



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Getting event id 9646. I'm not so much as interested in the event, but
the user it talks about (user37534619) does not exist, and cannot find
him anywhere! This event for this particular user started last Saturday
and has repeated every 30mins. I went through every store on the
particular ex server, do not see this mailbox, searched through AD, LDAP
queries etc. 


Mapi session "/O=American Red
Cross/OU=ARCHQ/cn=Recipients/cn=user37534619" exceeded the maximum of
250 objects of type "objtMessage".


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