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In general:

-          make sure you own the new domain...

-          create a new UPN Suffix for the new domain in Active
Directory Domains and Trusts

-          create DNS entries for new domain (including new MX records
for the new domain)

-          create or edit your recipient policy (or policies) for your

o        the recipient policy will create the secondary SMTP addresses
that you need and/or change the primary address to be the domain that
you desire.


Now - you will have to do some research for each of these steps because
your exact goals will determine exactly what needs to be done with each
of the steps above.  Once you have completed the steps above, then you
will be done...


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Dear All,


We are going to change the website name from xyz.com to abc.xyz

Want to receive mails from both the domains ( xyz.com & abc.xyz)

Right now we don't want to change any thing in current setup (rename
Domain name, etc), but want to configure exchange to recieve &
distribute mails for both mail ids.

Please tell me if possible ,what can be done in this regard.


We are using exchange 2003 sp2 enterprise edition with windows 2003 sp1
enterprise edition ( Backend - Frontend topology).






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