RE: Urgent!! exchange 2000 standard exceeded 16 GB limit

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  • Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2003 07:42:52 -0800

Attention MOHAMMED and all other wannabe IT and Exchange admins:

1. Your post is hard to understand. While not necessarily your fault
(although I could argue that too) as much is lost in translation, it has to
be understood it can cause miscommunications.

2. Mark Hippenstiel is an expert on Exchange, a frequent poster here, and a
very informative and professional person.

3. Because of time zone differences, Mark beat me to posting a reprimand. 

4. In your posts, as I read them, you are saying you are new to the IT field
and need help on where to find information. I quote: "iam still in the first
step of my carrier in IT- World."

5. 2 other posters simply suggested trying searching Google and you
responded to them that you do not understand how to search. I quote: "but i
do not know how can i search or what shall i do , can you please help me ."
and "what i did is only , i wrote  Active directory2000 . that all , but i
did not find what i need , like this site ( ) . i need
site like that one , but for active directory and all of hte active
directory trips and tricks in one site . also i need for the infrastructure
like DHCP, DNS, WINS, and so on."

6. A requirement of being in the IT field is knowing what you are doing. If
you do not know about Active Directory, you have no business working on it.

Get off your butt, get down to a book store or library or training center,
spend some time and effort to learn about basics at a minimum, then try to
work in the IT field.

You have no business even being on here if you do not understand basics
about Active Directory, Exchange, DNS, SMTP and Windows 200x OS.

You have no business even touching Exchange if you do not understand Active

Yes, this list is to help people. But that does not mean you can come on
here knowing nothing and expect us to hold you by the hand.

John Tolmachoff
eServices For You

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> From: MOHAMMED tantawi [mailto:mohammedtantawi@xxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Monday, December 15, 2003 4:55 AM
> To: [ExchangeList]
> Subject: [exchangelist] RE: Urgent!! exchange 2000 standard exceeded 16 GB
> limit
> Dear  mark,
> i think you did not understand or at least you red my e-mail.
> my e-mail was talking or asking about the any source for information for
> what i search.
> seconde, i send this e-mail to ask about something i need , after i search
> on googel and i could not find what i need .
> finally , the exchange list or any list was madw to help someone to sent
> any
> information for what he needs.
> please next time , if you have answer for any questions or needs for
> anyone,
> i recommende to understand what he need , then try to answer him.
> please please please try to be in good way or " Professional " when you
> answer some message .
> thanks,
> mohammed

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