RE: Urgent Help, will be highly appreciated ( Virtual Server )

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  • Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2004 21:20:40 +0800

Why do you keep asking me the same question and i keep giving you answers.
Somehow you don't understand.
Again, here is my answers for you questions. I will specifically say if you
are wrong or right.


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Virtual Server )

Dear Sarbjit, 


Thank you very very very much for your good information regarding this
things, many many many thanks to you . 


I have only one thing, 


As I understand now, the idea which I said is correct, 


But as I understand the server which I am connect to it is using POP3
Protocol, because its standard Protocol, for E-mail.


1.   I mean in USA , there is no any POP3 server there, its Normal server (
exchange server ) and My Local server in Saudi Arabia, connect to USA server
with Protocol POP3 to download the E-mail Messages from there  and
distribute it to my local user. 


Is it correct.  For NO 1 ? 

You are NOT correct on No.1



2.  And its using SMTP to send E-mails from me to the Internet and so on ? 


Is it correct  for NO   2 ?  

You are correct on No.2 


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