[ExchangeList] Re: Upgrading Exchange 2000 to 2003

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If you demote it, Exchange 2000 will stop working.


The best was is in the end the server that Exchange 2000 is on (the current
DC) gets wiped.


Setup new server with Exchange 2003. (Not as a DC). Make sure you point all
DNS on this server to the new DC only, do not add the old DC as a DNS server
in the NIC settings.


Move all mailboxes to new server.


Uninstall Exchange 2000


Demote old server.


Remove from domain.




John T


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Hello all,


   I am researching upgrading an Exchange 2000 environment to Exchange 2003
where the Exchange 2000 server is installed on a Domain Controller.  There
is only one DC and only one Exchange 2000 server (same box).


   First thing is to get another DC (global catalog) up and running on the


   Before introducing the first Exchange 2003 server, should I run DC Promo
and demote the server to a Member Server? 


   This is my first run in with Exchange 2000 on a DC during an upgrade
process - any pointers (or links) are greatly appreciated.





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