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Hi Ashraf

Have you set up your Active Directory (AD) yet? I would strongly recommend you 
get your AD fully up and working before you even think about E2K. I know you 
can install AD at the time you build the new E2K servers but you need to know 
well in advance exactly what domain structure you want etc. Remember you cannot 
install E2K without AD. When installing AD you will need to consider your other 
apps. too. you may even want to consolidate or redesign your Domain structure 
for example.

What I am really saying is that you need to plan out the whole scenario well in 
advance and do it step by step in a very careful manner. Tracking down a 
problem when done this way is possible. Trying to do the whole thing in a rush 
is almost guaranteed to leave you with a structure for your AD you don't want 
or with problems that will be extremely hard to identify their cause. As many 
Microsoft Press books say "Plan, plan and when you have done that plan a bit 

Make sure you have a fair understanding of AD before even attempting this task. 
Read books, go on courses and\or build test labs.

Hope this helps.


Paul Lemonidis. 
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  Our mailing System consists of:

  1-       One Organization.

  2-       Three sites.

  3-       Each site has one server Windows NT 4.0 SP6a Exchange 5.5 SP4.

  4-       All sites send mails outside through IMS but only one site receive 
the incoming messages and distributed to the other sites.


  We intend to upgrade from Windows NT 4.0 to W2K and Exchange 2K. My question 
is what is the proper scenario for upgrading?



  Thanks in advance



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