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Hello Raveendran,

I know of the Avaya tools and of the others that are available in the market. But I would like to develop my own solution, which is why I am curious to know how do the other tools use Exchange as a message store for their Voices/Faxes. It would be something really great if you could help me in that regard, because that is all that I want, or if you could ppoint me to somebody who just might have an idea regarding it.

I know there are tools by Avaya/ActiveVoice/... who use the Exchange as a message store, but how is what I want to know. Are there any special components that are used/developed. Is Active Directory a part of it? ...

I am new to Exchange, and would like the Guidance of you Gurus out there..

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You can use Avaya Unified Messenger which uses the full functionality of Active Directory .
all UM solutions are only for Voice messages . you should look for fax server as a seprate but you can integrate with voice server /exchange server .

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I am currently workin on making a Unified Messaging service, using MS
Exchange as a message store. The concern that I have right now is how do I
use MS Exchange 2000 capabilities for acting as a Unified Messaging store,
I mean store my emails/voice/and Fax mails in one Unified Messaging store.
This is what it should do for each user who subscribes to the service.

If anybody could give me some directions/pointers as to how should I go
about, do please let me know.

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