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I have seen this problem and not until I read the message several times,
did I realise that it was referring to "another" Exchange server. I had
upgraded a clients machine, used the WinXP import facility and connected
to their current Exchange Server. In times of high traffic, I saw this
message for 5-10 seconds. Only after trying to really see what was
happening, did I read the error properly! 

Is this the process that you followed?


BTW two new knowledgebase articles on fixing issues between Server2000
SP3 & WinXP Pro SP1 - 811492 & 810907.

These and other articles may help shed some light on the issue that you
are seeing! KB 329170, 329170, 331519   Also refer to <>   and


Other threads from


Sometimes recreating the user profile on Outlook has solved this problem
for me.


Did you try create a new Outlook profile?  From what I know last time in
old OL97,

all folders info are cache onto registry.  Create a new profile will
start everything 

fresh in the registry, that is my understanding.

 We just migrated from Ex55 to 2k last month, some OL still point to old

by creating a new profile this problem is solved.


Check your network. Requesting data from the server usually point to
network problem.



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I have a problem in connecting to exchange server.After installing
office XP in a perticular machine when I tried to connect outlook to
exchage server it is giving me a error message that it could not contact
exchage server.The same user is able to connect to exchange from another

The error message is as fallows.

   Requesting data from Exchange server

"Retrieving data from Microsoft Exchange server .You can either cancel
the request or minimize message to windows task bar or wait untill the
message closes automatically "

After that it says that it cannot connect to exchange server.All the
other network connections seem to be allright and I don't think it is  a
problem with office also.

This  happened to some of the machines some time before but didn't last
longer..Added to my difficulties  this machine belongs to my boss and I
need to sort this asap..Can anyone help me out..Thanks in advance....



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