Unable To Route E-mails At all.

  • From: "rolamohammed" <rolamohammed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 03:41:56 +0600

Dear All,

I have One SMTP Domain Hosted In MY ISP in USA . This SMTP Domain name is 


We are company Located Here in EGYPT for about 40 Users.

Before, we were working on E-mails By using POP3 Accounts, and we were 
working fine without any Problems With MS-OUTLOOK.

Now, the Situation is Changed, and we become bigger, and we have now Branch 
In LONDON UK- with the Same Name.

The London People, work on POP3 Account by using MS-Outlook 2003 to access 
the Mail server which is Hosted in MY ISP in USA.

The Egypt Office, we dicide to deploy Exchange server 2003 Ent.Ed.
But I refused completely to change the MX Record of My SMTP Domain to MAP to 
Me. i prefere to leave as its in MY ISP.

So, i deploy POP3 Downloader to collect the Mails from My ISP & give it to 
exchange server.

Now, All the People, in the Head Office, able to send to any Domains to out 
side Normally without any Problems at all , Except LONDON Users, they are 
not able to send it to them.

( Egypt Office, are Unable to send to London Users Only  ), while London 
Users able to send to Egypt Office Without any Problems.

Also, head office, abel to receive from outside as well, without any 

Now, when the Egypt Office user try to send to London user, and all of them 
are have the same domain, the messages did not reach for London user, and he 
get this error message for him .

" your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipient. the 
following recipient could not be reached.
the Email does not exist at the organiztions this message was sent to... 
mail.ghie.com # 5.1.1 " 

A- The London user is not in the Active Directory at all.
B- The Exchange server is Not Configure with SMTP Coonetor at all.
C- The Exchange server is Have the Default Recipint Update Policy.
D- The Exchange server Users- they are able to send to all Other doamins 
without any Problems at all- except the users in the same domain.
E- the users in Head office are able to receive from Outside , including 

the Only Problem is , the Egypt Head office, is unable to send the E-mails 
to London users, and he get this error mesage.

i was thinking , the solutions is, i have to create the user - london users- 
in the exxchange server, and the user will not get this error message at 
all, but How the London user will access his E-mail, while He configured  to 
use POP3 which is Hosted in USA ?

I do not want to make any FE/BE At all, & i do not want to change any thing 
at all.


i am thinking of something, i want your opinion .

1- in the Default RUP, i will add another SMTP address and i will make it as 
2- The Default one will be GHIE.LOCAL for all the users.
3- all the users will have 2 SMTP Address for them as the follwoing :-


4- i will create SMTP Connector, to route the E-mails of Address space ( 


My Question is :-

1-  do you think with this solution, the users in london will be able to 
receive e-mails from Egypt Office or not ?

2- what is deffreint between Have 2 RUP with Different SMTP Address in Each 
one ? and to have one RUP with 2 SMTP Address.?

Thanks in Advanced.

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