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In each routing group, create 1 connector (2 total)
HOW TO: Use Routing Group Connectors to Connect Routing Groups in Exchange 2000
Configuring an SMTP Connector
Create 1 per routing group with address space of * and scope = routing group 


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James is OOF, is there anyone else that can asist. I am stuck on this issue!


On 6/19/07, Danny < nocmonkey@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:nocmonkey@xxxxxxxxx> > wrote: 

        On 6/19/07, James Chong <jchong@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

                Option 1. Use no routing groups. If your site links is fairly 
fast you can keep in one same routing group, no connectors. Email sent by a 
user, it's respective server will send directly to internet. Email sent to user 
on another exchange server in another site, Exchange will route internally. 
Make sure you have MX records for both servers and reverse DNS records

        So, within the default routing group created by SBS (SiteA was an SBS 
install, SiteB is plain Win/Exch), how would the connectors be configured? 
        Any information in AD or as a recipient policy that needs to be set?
        Internet MX records will resolve to the independent hosted SMTP proxy. 
Are you referring to those MX records or internally for DNS as a dependency for 
routing internal email? 

                Option 2. Create two routing groups per site, create routing 
group connects for internal mail delivery between sites. Create SMTP connectors 
in each routing group with scope of routing group only. This will ensure that 
servers in each site will send out through it's respective smtp connector in 
it's own routing group\site.

        A total of four routing groups, then? How would the connectors be 
configured in this option?
        Thanks, James. 



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                AD SiteA - - Exchange/Windows 2003
                AD SiteB - - Exchange/Windows 2003 part of SiteA AD 
and ORG
                SiteB is new, and just promoted the single server as a DC GC 
and installed Exchange into SiteA org. 
                Inbound Internet email will be delivered to each respective 
site by an independently hosted SMTP proxy. Internal email should be routed 
between the two sites (they are connected via dedicated VPN tunnel). Outbound 
Internet email should be delivered from each respective site direct to the 
Internet. I.E. SiteA should not send SiteB's outbound Internet email; and vis 
                I am trying to understand how to configure the Exchange 
routing/connectors to meet this requirement.
                Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 

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CPDE - Certified Petroleum Distribution Engineer
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