RE: Two mail server with the same mail domain?

  • From: "adrian bolzan" <abolzan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "[ExchangeList]" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 09:57:24 +1100


Firstly, are there any reasons, other than email, for which you need
"" configured within your network/AD?

If not then my suggesion is to:
- remove the recipient policy for "" from your Exchange
- all mail (from the internet and from the local staff) to
will go to the unix box
- when you decide that your staff really need to start using the
exchange server for then set the recipient policy
accordingly and change the MX records in your zonefiles and the ISP's
zonefiles to point to the exchange server. 

For a short while email from the internet will be sent to both the unix
server and the exchange server, at least until everyone's DNS records
are updated.  At the same time, your staff now send internally only.
Just ensure that your staff collect email from the unix box (POP3).

Hoep that helps,


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> From: Mustafa Cicek [mailto:mbcicek@xxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Thursday, 17 February 2005 10:34 PM
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> Subject: [exchangelist] RE: Two mail server with the same mail domain?
> HI!
> You are right. I try to explain why we want so. Actually we
> don't, but a customer of us wants that we realize that.
> 1. We have a customer and we manage the domain on
> our Exchange Server. This customer has also the second mail
> domain which we manage also on our Exchange
> Server but not have for it any MX record.
> 2. Another mail server (Unix) which belongs to an Internet
> Provider has MX record for the domain
> 3. The accounts of customer for has  mailboxes on
> our Exchange Server, but also on Unix mail server.
> 4. The customer will migrate later his MX for to
> our server.
> 5. The customer wants that his employees should send their
> mails internal and external by using their Exchange
> mailboxes, with the primary alias user@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> 6. But the customer wants also that all mails which are sent
> (external or
> internal) to alias@xxxxxxxxxx should be go to the mailboxes
> on Unix mail server.
> Situation:
> - The employees of customer can send mail to external domains
> without any problem by using their alias@xxxxxxxxxxx aliases
> on our Exchange.
> - The employees can also receive the mails from external
> domains to their mailboxes on Unix mail server.
> - If the employees send mails internal by using our Exchange,
> for example from user1@xxxxxxxxxxx to user2@xxxxxxxxxxx, the
> mails will be sent to mailboxes on the Exchage Server. As I
> described above the customer wants that these internal mails
> should be sent also to the mailboxes on Unix mail server.
> Exchange Server acts hier absolutly correct! My questin is,
> is there any "trick" that I tell Exchange Server that it
> should send all internal mails to other server (Unix mail
> server) without any checking??
> That is all story! Puhh....
> It is a little bit strange story but the customer asks me
> about it. Now I ask you if it is possible.
> Thanks in advance.
> Mustafa
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