RE: Treo 700w w/ Exchange Mobile Services & FBA

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  • Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 20:44:22 -0800

Hi Bill.

I did get this working and the 700w rocks.  Don't think there was anything 
unique to the 700  that was holding me back.  

Regarding my situation.  Even though OWA was rockin solid, i needed to resolve 
two items:

1. Install my root cert (from EXCH server) on the 700.  I had used a turbo ssl 
cert from godaddy and the 700 was like, "uhhh, i dunno these cats"

2. Forms-based auth - because i was using a single server (not a front-end, 
back-end setup) and forms based authentication i needed to setup the new OMA 
virtual that didn't require ssl as web-dav is sent over port 80.

Seems to work great.  I'll respond back if i come across any oddities.


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  I have been setting a 700 up this week as well. I have made the VPN, Internet 
browsing And OWA work fine. I just got  the Verizon  Wireless Sync to work 
using their PC monitor program as well.  But I too would like to get it to 
access the Exchange server directly and have not succeeded. If OWA works, 
shouldn't mobile access work too?



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