RE: Tracking Of Hotmail Account

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My pupose is to find the person not to block the hotmail/any domain to sending 
us emails. When we recieved any message is there any way we can know that from 
which ip address he/she is sending the email?
I am agree with mike that most people in world using the account. 
Still i am using the hotmail account which i have open 4 years ago.
Its looks little difficuilt task to find this person. But still I hope may be 
one of u people have any clue to do that. 
I will be working on it and will inform u all if i get any thing.
Best Regards

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        > Well, if you blocked the IP address you would be blocking Hotmails 
        > server not his personal machine as Hotmail is a web-based mail 
        Probably a long shot, but you should seek the cooperation of hotmail 
        dept., possibly with the assistance of your attorney, to get maximum
        cooperation from hotmail.  If any threats have been issued in the email
        you could also seek law enforcement's assistance.  Only hotmail would be
        able to tell you the IP address.
        And if the perpetrator is smart enough to use an anonymizer service then
        you have little or no hope of finding the true IP address.
        > The only option you have is to block all Hotmail messages.
        Not a good idea, as this would also block legitimate email from anyone
        else at hotmail, and believe it or not, a lot of people still use 
        as their "business address" for email.  I personally know of some parts 
        the world where it is considered more prestigious to have a hotmail or
        yahoo address compared to an email address under a registered business
        domain name!
        best regards
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