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I think your only limitation would be the links from your servers to
your(1) storage arrays and (2) server to server connection (Cluster
heartbeat).  If you can run fiber from server to server and centrally
locate your storage arrays, and run fiber there as well, I don't see why
it wouldn't work. I would recommend having your storage arrays located
at L2 as well. If your L2 site is your failover site, in the event of L1
being demolished it would do you no good to have your arrays there as

Just some thoughts.

Justin Culbreath
Systems Engineer
Weld County School District Six

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A theory question for you.

I have a request to provide a total failover solution spanning two
site L1 and L2.
An Exchange 2k cluster at L1 with 1500 users needs to fail over to the
other site L2 so that if L1 gets bombed (heaven forbid!) by the time
get to L2 the system will be fully oporational. We want to try and
this with out the need for tape restoration. Implementing a second
at L2 is cost prohibitive.

Are there any recommended practices for this?

Your thoughts are appreciated.

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