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I certainly don't disagree with you on that.  The question is: Is it the
subject line length that is causing IMF to reject the message.  I don't want
to fix the problem but I need to explain it to the user that is attempting to
send these messages.  IMF is a black box (rightfully so) and it appears that
it must take the subject line into account when testing messages.






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Any message with a subject line like that deserves to be rejected.


John T

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I have an error occurring when a message is sent to one of my exchange users
this is the error message:


This message has been rejected by the Exchange organization to which it was
sent, because the message contains either a large number of attachments or
because there are too many nested attachments. To solve this problem, reduce
the number of attachments or nested attachments, and resend the message.



However the message doesn't actually have any attachments. It does have a
very long subject line:


Subject:  svn commit [nexus] in trunk/nexus/user/include - . asm

c++-4.0.2 c++-4.0.2/backward c++-4.0.2/bits c++-4.0.2/debug -4.0.2/ext 

c++c++-4.0.2/gcj c++-4.0.2/gnu c++-4.0.2/gnu/awt -4.0.2/gnu/awt/j2d 

c++c++-4.0.2/gnu/classpath c++-4.0.2/gnu/gcj -4.0.2/gnu/gcj/convert 

c++c++-4.0.2/gnu/gcj/io c++-4.0.2/gnu/gcj/runtime -4.0.2/gnu/gcj/util 

c++c++-4.0.2/gnu/java c++-4.0.2/gnu/java/awt -4.0.2/gnu/java/awt/color 

c++c++-4.0.2/gnu/java/awt/image -4.0.2/gnu/java/awt/peer 

c++c++-4.0.2/gnu/java/io -4.0.2/gnu/java/lang 


c++-4.0.2/gnu/java/locale c++-4.0.2/gnu/java/math c++-4.0.2/gnu/java/net 

c++-4.0.2/gnu/java/net/protocol c++-4.0.2/gnu/java/net/protocol/core

c++-4.0.2/gnu/java/net/protocol/file c++-4.0.2/gnu/java/net/protocol/ftp





c++-4.0.2/gnu/java/net/protocol/jar c++-4.0.2/gnu/java/nio c++-4.0.2


Any ideas on why a message like this might be rejected? Is there a limit on
the number of attachments on exchange and if so can this limit be changed?






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