RE: Tim-Jordan, I need your Opinion

  • From: "Tim Jordan" <tim@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "[ExchangeList]" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 15:10:20 -0900

Please don't flood the list looking for me.  There are several other
admins with more expiernce than I have on this list.  Please present
your questions to the list.  I will always do my best to help if I can -
but I have several client sites to manage.
Thank you,


From: soso bobo [mailto:soso20052006_4@xxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Thursday, January 13, 2005 1:57 PM
To: [ExchangeList]
Cc: Tim Jordan
Subject: [exchangelist] Tim-Jordan, I need your Opinion 

        dear Man
        its working now, 
        but what will happen when i turn off the old server, 
        the Secondry DNS is working Now, is there any way to force it to
become Primary . 
        like what i am doing exactly in Active Directory ( Seize ) , is
there any way to force the secondry DNS server to work as Primary .
        beacuse i am going to formate this old server from the scratch ,
and install all the O.S agian. 
        soso bobo <soso20052006_4@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

                Dear Tim, 
                i want to thank you very much for your support, and your
good words which is Pushed me to forward.
                i have just received E-mail from some one he was insult
me for my Bad English and for my writing, i know that , i am not good in
English , but i am so soory for my mistakes.
                once agian , thank you for your support and help 
                Tim Jordan <tim@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

                        Make good backup and keep your SBS server as a
fall back in case things fail.
                        You  have a pretty good plan to bring the new
server on-line.  Make sure you understand that all five of the FSMO
roles must be moved.
                        Make sure to give AD time to replicate competely
to the new server then shutdown the SBS server.
                        Then you must install Exchange on your new
server.  Once that is installed then look at restoring the backups of
Exchange to the new server.;EN-US;q297289
                        Once this is done, you should be able to login
into the domain with the same user profiles and the users should be able
to use email as before.
                        This is a really big job be careful & Good Luck.

                        From: soso bobo
                        Sent: Friday, December 31, 2004 10:48 AM
                        To: Tim Jordan
                        Subject: Please Advice me 
                        Dear Tim
                        i am sorry if i Emailed you without take
Permission from you .
                        i am still new to exchange and i need some help,
can you Please Help me .
                        i have this Problem and i want your Advice
Please :-
                         i have one server from Dell, its installed on
it Small Business server 2000 .
                        this server is  Domain Controller and also has
ISA Server 2000 , and Exchange 2000 on it . 
                        i have here 25 users connect to this server and
8 of them are under workgroup and the rest under My Domain. ( 17 users
                        The Original CD For Small Business Server2000 is
not with us at all and also the Exchange 2000 CD's and ISA Server CD.
                        we are going to Return this Server Back to the
                        so i want to have my users still connected to
the network and able to send & Receive Messages from the E-mail  after
i  take out this server from the Network. 
                        if i take it out the old server, my users will
be anuable to browsing Internet & Send & Receive E-mails. 
                        and if i installed another New one with new
domain , they will lose the Profile settings for them .
                        the main thing that , i do not want to Formate
every PC here in my network and create another domain and join all of
the users to the new domain because they will lose the Profile settings
and also some of them are out side country and they will not comeback
before 3 monthes. 
                        for that , i am thinking of something, instead
of Formate the new Server and put another O.S which is Advanced server
2000 SP4, i am thinking of something .
                        what is that :-
                        while the old server is still connected on the
Network i will do the following :-
                        1-Bring new Server.
                        2-install on it Advanced server 2000 SP4.
                        3-join this Server to the Domain.
                        4-Run DCPROMO on it .
                        5-Make another Domain Controller in the same
                        6-Go to the First Doamin Controller and open
Active Directory users and computer .
                        7-Choose connect to the First Domain Controoler.
                        8-Change the Operation Master of the first DC to
be on the Seconde D.C.
                        ( RID Master , PDC , DNM ).
                        9- go to Active directory Sites and services .
                        10-under the default first site name choose the
seconde server ( Seconde Domain Controoler and Make him is Global
Catalog ) .
                        i mean take the global catalog from the old
server to be on the seconde server .
                        11-Shutdown the First server.
                        12-disconnect it from the Network & Return Back
to the Comapny.
                        13- formate the old one and Install on it
Advanced server 2000 SP4 and make the same steps to reurn it! ! back to
the first domain Controoler . 
                        Dear Tim
                         , my question is , do you think there will be
conflict with me because i have Small Business server 2000 and i will
use Advanced server 2000 SP4 . 
                        if there is conflict, can you Recommennd
solution for my situation ,,  because i weant to take out this Fucking
Small Business server 2000 and work on the original Advanced server
2000. and without deleting or creatre another Profile for the users on
my network, it will be very defecult for them to do that or accept it . 
                        Please Advice me for Solution .
                        Best Regards,


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