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edit the lmhosts  file in your laptop and add the entry of the exchange
server with # PRE so it when ur system reboots it picks from the cache (ie
the entry from the lmhosts file). do u have wins server in the network?

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Dear All
        I have a problem that I would like some feedback from if any of you
have come across it before. The situation is as follows:

Only appears to be laptop users, Suddenly when working, Outlook drops
offline and the message below appears. If you exit and reconnect it fails.
If you exit and logoff and reconnect it works perfectly fine. Sometimes it
happens six or seven times per day and then again it may not happen for
months. I have seen it on three laptops at the moment. All are E500


There is no problems with the mailbox and if you connect to the same mailbox
from a desktop it never occurs. There is nothing (that I have found) on
It occurs most often when: 
        1. Other connections being made to the mailbox at the same time
        2. Internet messages being received. 

I have been trying to get a solution for this for a while and as it is so
intermittent it has been a long drwan out process. If you are aware of the
problem and know the resoltion then please can you let me know what it is.
If it is a simple, obvious, straight forward solution, please can you make
it look considerably more difficult. 

Your views are greatly appreciated. 

Mark Shevill
IMG Messaging Deputy Team Leader
Shell Information Technology International Limited
Rowlandsway, Wythenshawe, Manchester M22 5SB, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 161 935 7152
Email: Mark.M.Shevill@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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