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  • Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2004 23:55:16 +0600

Thanks replying me
As this relying , my server is blaklisted in asite .How can I solve this.

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Ah, the % hack. A message addressed as follows will allow a relay:


<mailto:Joeblow%25remotedomain.moc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> , where your server
answers for localdomain.moc, when it recives a message addressed as shown,
it will turn around and deliver it to joeblow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:joeblow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> . 


IMHO, some of this has to be blamed on Netscape, as the % function is there
to be compatable with their software. But in doing so, allows for relaying. 


The spam software I use (not on an Exchange box) has a specific test for
this. I am not sure how to protect against this on Exchange.


John Tolmachoff


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From: tissera [mailto:tissera@xxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Hi all


I need some help  , I'm running MS Exchange 5.5 with service pack 3 on
Windows 2000 server with service pack 4.The trouble is Third party relaying.
I made the changes according Preventing
xchange_Server_55.html> Third Party Relaying In MS Exchange Server 5.5. Date
- Mar 18, 2002       Author - Lee Derbyshire
<>  , which is on your web. But
following types are still relaying.

Somebody@[Domain IP] e.g.: somebody@[]

When telnetting following one,



Anybody please help me to solve this problum




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