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One thing you should note first, the hardware you're trying to restore
should be the exact, as well as your configurations otherwise it will
fail. Theres some KB articles that tries to show how to restore to diff
hardware, but never got it too work too many discrepancies in registry
with hardware to make it work. Choose orginal location and 


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Subject: [exchangelist] System State Restore

We are running Exchange 2003 on Windows Server 2000, I am restoring my
system state backup to a new machine. I need to know some points.


when I restore to a new windows 2000 machine it asks for where I restore

-          Original Location

-          Alternate Location

-          Single Folder


What is the best option to choose?


Secondly it asks for 


When restoring files that already exist?

-          Do not replace the files on my disk

-          Replace the file on disk only if it is older then the backup

-          Always replace the file on disk


What is the best option to choose?


What we are trying to do is - restore the backup to a new machine and
upgrade to Server 2003.





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