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  • Date: Sat, 6 Jul 2002 09:11:19 +0700

Hi Matt,

I've try the link, but i think it doesn't seem like my problem.
The problem is when i used system manager in e2k (Start - Program -
Microsoft Exchange - System Manager),
i can see there's 1 item in my account with 1 kb size.
It also appear in account administrator.
What is it ?
Or maybe there's something i can't understand ?
Could someone tell me about it ? I'm newbie in e2k.


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> Hary-
> The last time you posed this question, you did get three responses
(subject newbie in e2k)
> Robert said this:
> It is something that the exchange uses to identify your mailbox, in fact
if you open other mailboxes from the M drive in the exchange machine you
could find several items in all the mailboxes.
> Dolly said this:
> Please look at:;EN-US;q273161
> Do either of these responses help at all?
> Also, are you having an actual problem?  Is anything broken?  Do you get a
specific error message anywhere?
> Matt Walkowiak

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