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Thanks for the insight, I think I might have narrowed it down to the
firewall. Although no errors show up on it.  I'm downloading the trial
for system center now and will look into it. Since I could telnet into
the server and internal and sending out emails was working, it's still a
little baffling. I'll have to monitor smtp traffic on the ISA server to
see if I can narrow it down.


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This maybe a little more than you expect but please start monitoring
your Exchange environment and recording events and logs etc.

Use System Center Ops Manager 2007 or System Center Essentials if yours
is a small network. Put in Exchange management pack. One of the cool
feature is Synthetic Transactions. 


For example the Mail flow Synthetic Transactions would basically a test
email is sent periodically to test email functionality. There are two
rules for this monitoring. The first rule is an internal Mail flow
connectivity and the other rule is the external Mail flow connectivity






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I had an issue this morning where internal email was working fine,
external emails where being received but receiving external emails
weren't getting through. Telnet worked fine to the server from the
outside (although if you sent an email it never made it to exchange) so
I didn't think it was an ISA server issue with a rule but I restarted
both servers just to be sure and when they came up everything worked

First question is: Why did this happen?

2nd around here is, what happened to the emails, did they goto la la

#3 is what can I do about this to reassure people they get their mail?
Can an email be sent to 2 different servers at the same time? Or is the
backup exchange just for if the main server is down?


Let me know what you think,





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