Store.exe and DNS With Multiple Network Cards

  • From: "Todd Christensen" <todd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 13:18:45 -0400


I work for a small non-profit and our resources are very limited, but was 
hoping someone could help me out here.   

We have a newly installed Small Business Server 2000 and have had various 
problems with Exchange and the server just hanging in general.  I have 
downloaded and installed all the newest service packs and patches, but I'm 
still experiencing the problems.

Here's some background.

*       Dell PowerEdge Server 2600
*       Eleven Computers on the network.
*       1 Gig memory
*       3 SCSI Disks with a controller, using RAID 5
*       Server has two network cards, one mapped to a public IP address for our 
mail domain

1.  Store.exe still seems to have a memory leak.  I found a patch for this 
problem, but it hasn't seemed to help.  Over time it continue to gobble up more 

2.  Having a problem with my DNS settings.  I was trying to set it up so that 
the internal card was configured as the DNS server which is then pointed out to 
a public DNS server through our ISP.  Then using IPSec I blocked all incoming 
traffic except port 25 and 80 on the other card mapped to an external ip .  
This affected some clients because they were trying to access the server 
through the card that I blocked.  Realizing this,  I changed my DNS settings so 
that it would only listen on the card that I specified.  The problem is that 
when I do that, DNS stops working completely.  (i.e. it fails when I test)  
What am I missing here?  How can I get my local client machines to access DNS 
through the specific card, still have DNS run, and be able to block the card 
mapped to the outside?
Any help would be appreciated or some direction on where to look for 
information.  I have about five different book on Exchange and Server 2000 and 
it's quite overwhelming.
Todd Christensen

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