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Store dismountLorie

You will not get the space back immediately, you will need to perform an
offline defrag using eseutil, here is a link that explains this:;en-us;Q192185

I would strongly recommend doing a backup before and after the defrag, and
also consider that this will take a considerable amount of time.

With regard to the users taking up lots of space, my suggestion would be to
impose mailbox size limits and also implement the Mailbox Manager component,
again here are a couple of links:

Hope this helps.
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  Hey Group!

  I have been watching our Exchange server closely in the last few days and
noticed that we were getting close to the 16 gig limit of Standard edition.
We only have 100 users on this server but I lost single instance store after
a database corruption.

  Today the information store dismounted because it hit the limit.  I
immediately started having users archive.  Will I regain this space
immediately or is there something that I need to do to get that space back?
We are now looking into Enterprise edition so my next question is will I
have to bring up another server to move to Enterprise edition?  I am still
having a hard time believing that we have run out of space so quickly.  I
have only found 5 users that are taking up a huge amount of space.  The rest
of the users have rather small mailboxes.  Any ideas to help me with my
space issue?

  Thanks in Advance!

  Lorie Gordon

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