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  • From: Naboth Semwayo <naboths@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2004 08:36:30 +0200

Although I agree with you about people doing best practices and learning the
fundamentals of the technology I dont agree with your rather harsh comments.
Maybe a statement like "please take time to learn the fundamentals and
implement best practices" would have been apropriate.

Yes I know that some of the questions you get on the list seem very basic.
But what may be basic to you may not be to others. We are all here to learn
from each other (Otherwise we wouldnt be on this list). But to side with you
a bit there; I also feel that people should take a bit of time to do some
research on their own before coming onto the list. The list should be a sort
of second level of support. Like you said "If a man is hungry, give him food
and he will be hungry
again tomorrow. Give him fishing pole and teach him how to fish and he will
be satisfied day after day." The same also goes for doing your own research.
If you take time to do the research the solution will stick to your head
forever. Also taking some MS Exams can be useful. 

Thanks for your contributions over time John!

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> I want the technical solution. If I know the admin password I can open.
> Is  there any other solution, lets if the persons knows the admin password
> even than he can not open others mail box.

OK, let me see if I understand what you are asking. You want people to be
able to use the administrator account, yet you do not want everyone who uses
that account to be able to access everything the administrator account has
access to. Is that correct?


Fix your security problem correctly, not look for a work around that will
create even more problems!

You people come on lists like this wanting easy answers to the problems you
created in the first place because you do not even know what you are doing. 

If Exchange had been installed correctly, meaning using best practices, you
would not have this problem as you would have been logged in as a specific
special user such as exadmin that is only for absolute uncontrolled access
to Exchange. The domain/local administrator account would not have had full
access to it.

You people need to get off your duffs and start learning about the
fundamentals and basics before you start working on such complex things such
as Exchange. 

No one has any business touching an Exchange server without basic knowledge
of Active Directory, (NT 4.0 Domains,) security accounts, user's
permissions, relaying, DNS and so forth.

Personally, I am getting sick and tired of seeing posts on this and other
lists of questions that if the poster had bothered to learn some basics
first, they would have at least a simple understanding of what is needed,
and then help in looking and understanding the problem instead of looking
for an answer of do this or do that.

Like the old saying: If a man is hungry, give him food and he will be hungry
again tomorrow. Give him fishing pole and teach him how to fish and he will
be satisfied day after day. (My wife says I am terrible at paraphrasing, so
forgive me if that is not exactly correct.)


My blast shields are up, fire away.

John Tolmachoff
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