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How are you trying to connect to your exchange server?
OWA- If that's the case then it just port 80 traffic.
If you are accessing the exchange server directly then you have to open
the ports needed for RPC.  
I would just use OWA.  It works very well and you are not allowing RPC
into your network.  To make OWA more secure you can purchase an SSL
certificate that will encrypt passwords as they are entered.
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Hi there..
I have an Exchange 2000 server running behind a Cisco NAT router.  The
server runs fine behind the firewall but I'm trying to access it from
another location over DSL.
In the router I"ve added port 135 UDP/TCP to point to the internal IP
along with ports 4605,4606,4607,4608 as per the MS Technote -;EN-US;Q270836&;
I made both TCP and UDP available as the technote doesn't specify which
one's to use.
Still cannot access my mailbox remotely.  It asks for the mailbox
username/password and domain but then times out.  Did I miss something.
I can ping the machine by it's servername from the remote system
(server.psa is the machine/domain).
Any ideas? :)
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